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My Ag Story

Once you've spent much time around me, you know that I am passionate about all things agriculture. Whether it be cows, sows or plows, you can bet I'm interested.

Being an agricultural communicator means that I have to pay attention to everything that goes on in the industry — but my ag story started on a smaller scale.

I grew up on my family's ranch in western South Dakota where we grow corn, wheat and sunflowers and raise Angus cattle. The farm has experienced some changes over the years — we had sheep in my grandpa's day and pigs in my dad's — but this is where we've settled now.

Gathering cattle from the pasture to bring in for spring vaccinations and branding.

Growing up the oldest of three kids, I was always involved in the farm work. Now that I've been away from the home place for four years, I miss being around to help with each chore that comes along with the seasons (with the exception of cleaning out grain bins).

I often reflect on how my farm background has affected me now, even as I haven't spent more than a month on the farm for the last few years. More than anything, it has driven my passion for agriculture and instilled a love for growing things. In addition to that, growing up a farm kid taught me the value of hard work and that coffee is best enjoyed at 7:00 a.m. on branding day after you've already been out to saddle the horses.

I couldn't have been luckier to enjoy a life enriched by agriculture. Keep watching the blog to hear more about my ag story!

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